This was a holy, beautiful, and well-organized pilgrimage to Lithuania and Poland, with holy sites and daily Masses that were spiritually enriching.

     Every night I would say “It can’t get any better than this.”  Then the next day came…and it surpassed all expectations.  (My favorite part was visiting Jasna Gora and seeing Our Lady of Czestochowa.)

     This pilgrimage increased my knowledge, love, and devotion for the Divine Mercy and instilled in me a mission, back home, to promote Our Lord’s image, message, and promises. I highly recommend this pilgrimage to the incredible and blessed country of Poland to all who seek a better understanding of the Divine Mercy.


     As much as I liked seeing the beautiful old churches and learning about the history of Poland’s long-suffering people, I enjoyed just being in one of the few countries which is still predominantly and PROUDLY Catholic.  To see so many Poles devoutly praying, adoring the Blessed Sacrament, or attending Mass was a reminder of the way things used to be…and an encouragement that it can be that way again.

     And we were blessed, each day, to learn more about Christ’s unfathomable mercy from the sisters who know it so well and live it so beautifully…and from Father Goodyear’s wonderful homilies.


     Even though I had been practicing Divine Mercy devotions for some years, the Pilgrimage awakened me to venerate the Image and pray the Chaplet even more.  I’ve also been reflecting in a special way on Psalm 136, with its description of God’s goodness, power, protection, and prudent care…and its continual reminder that “His mercy endures forever.”